终于 :P

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :3

Miss mua? XD

finally i update my bloggie!!!
haha,many things happen so make me feel sad and no mood for coming up and write this write that ~
hmmmm,lets say about my heartbreak's story~

I BROKE UP with Mr.T!!!!
woohoo,finally right?!!
everyone misunderstood the reason that i broke up with him.
owh please, dont simply said i dump him just because i have bf outside!
and blablablablablablablah.
ishhhhh,such ANNOYING that month~

i cried on 30/9 , and a little boy who same sir name with me :)
he tried to comforted me but when he try to ask me to shut my ass mouth up , i cried more Loudly XDD
no choice,girl wont stop crying when they get hurt!
and boy,thanks for lending me your shoulder,so sorry that i cried until your jacket ... emm :P



damn it,i have to study in bad mood !!!
for a week!!!
god,could you help me quit my life :(
and god IGNORE me :@!!

study study Study 

every night i just slept for 3 or 4 hour~
and my eye bags going bigger and deeper XD

seeee!!!my eyes become smaller and smaller :(
ans the most i hate on my face is.... PIMPLES!!!!!!

shoooooooo!!!go away!!!!
mom said this is normal,if i dindt have any pimples on my face that mean i didnt study hard!?

is this realXD

owh well,after PMR,i hang out with my dear,Jing hong
she are still the same,damn PRO in roller and study too :)
i like to chat with her,she always smile and Smile to me and everyone~
jing hong,you are the friend in KC i very trust too :DDD 

broke up 's 1st day,i went to see his and 1 competition.he lose again.(starbucks)

This picha is for you 

Do i look nice in this picha XD 

My 16th bday presentXDD

I know i am still a little girl :P

kachingggggg ♥ original picha!!XDDDdont scare dou :P
since that day i brought my darling went for Roller,she love it :DD

and i knew some friends form you :)

i just recognize xiiao R and Bun bao bei  

Bun baobei 

(see,we have the same shirt XDD )
see, isn't she pretty :) ?
she is a clever girl~
she takes PMR with us this year,she get great result!
hey , girl :)
i want learn those study things from you :DDDD  

Christine with spectacles,no choice,someone force me to wear it out cause the lens make my eyes red!!!

continue by tomorrow~
need to rest and chat with someone important ♥ nighttttt :DDDD