Hmmmmp.NO TITLE x)

yuhuuuuuuuuu :)

i want to watch

'you are the apple of my eyes' !!!!!

hey people,i m back.
damn bored in this few days.

yea,i am not kuen cheng's student anymore.
thankiu kuen cheng,in those 3 years you let me learned many things.
i wont forget my junior life in KC :)

my mom said she is going to find tuition class for me and my sis,
phff,i just want to find something to do.
damn unlucky this week!!!


i hate those stupid THIEF!!!
when stealing others people money,what are you thinking?
Wow,i have alot of money!?
if one day your things or money let others thiefs steal it,what is your feeling?
you all are so selfish!!
i hate you guys!!!

god will help me punish you this thief!
Curse you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like to thank my cousin :)
thankiu for lending me money to pay the fees,i will pay you back,and thankiu my two dear who help me buy and sells shoes!!and hub,thanki for rushing here rush there for my things,i love you guys

Last three days my mom was not home,yeah!!
i go shopping with someone :)
someone,i wanted to tell you since we start.
i didnt regret to choose to be with you,even when we walk together 
we look like brother and sister. 
but your move,your care and all your action makes me feel warm and sweet :)

boy,thinking why i dont answer and reply your call?
the answer is _________________ Jealousy :p
yup,i jealous and i hate you lie to me yesterday!
you forget right?
remember what you texted me yesterday?
let me show you!

J:yer,you lie me :( there isnt pretty girls in churh.
J:there just have two pretty girls ONLY!!
(half hour later..NO MESSAGE!!NO REPLY!!)
this is Evidence!!
yesterday stupid DIGI having problem again.
nevermind,i dont care.
i tried to call you ,text you but how.
still the same..
so i give up,but when i recieved your message.
do you know how happy i am!?
no,you don't know.cause you really dont care about it.

that day i saw you cried,i cried too.
cause i felt happy that i found the right person.
but when i enjoying the drama(醉后決定愛上你),
i can felt the stroy is similar with our story.
sorry that i make you unhappy again.

i am freeking out with the tuition fees.
so sorry if one day i say let go my hand.
i am scare.
really..i scare you will be the second leon.
who hurts me the most!

going back to melaka afterwards.
my phone is out of credits,i think yours too.
so let us cool down and think for our future.
Loves you.♥

bye people,have a Happy holiday :)
i will post my picture in my facebook :)

add me,the second acc!
thanks guys .
will continue after i come back from Melaka:)

i will miss you badly ,my hub